2 Bucks Under A Rug
2 Sides Of The Same Medal
20th Century Man
3 Month In Hell
10 Second Mpeg
75 Feet High
A Black Sheep Among White Wolves
A Clean Cut
A Club Called Studio 33
A Decadent Hobby For The Rich Kids
A Decision By Default
A Lesson In Humility
A Lifeless Ordinary
A Piece Of Cake
A White Dove Among Black Cats
Action Double For Life
Affen fremder Moden
After Effects
Ain’t No Woman On Skid Row
All My Heroes Are Jews
All My Virtual Friends
Alle weg
Almost Complete
Almost Empty
Alone In The Crowd
Alter Mann auf der Veranda
Amazing Amazonas
Amber Fire
Ambitious Disciple
America’s Got To Die Tonight
Anarchy Revue
Another One From The Loser Gang
Another One On The Take
Another Second Chance
Another Sorrowful One
Another Useless Day
Art School Junkie
Art Vs. Reality
Attack The Enemy From Within
At The End Of The Net
Auf der sicheren Seite
Auf die Fresse
Auf verlorenem Posten
Aus dem Bauch heraus
Autumn Song
Awful Life Blues
Bachelor’s Blues
Backstage Passes
Back In The 70s
Bad B-Side Track
Ballad Of The Dirty Freak Called Dan
Ballade vom kleinen Mann
Benefit Of The Doubt
Better Place
Better Unknown
Between Both Worlds
Between The Lines
Big Buildings And Small Faces
Big City Blues
Bits About Bits
Blank Stare
Blank Vita
Blue Screen Blues
Bobby´s Weekly Nightshift
Boring Fate
Born Ready
Born To Teach
Break Off A Story
Break Up Blues
Bringst es nicht mehr
Broken English
Bromfield Street
Business As Usual
Calmness Spread Out In My Soul
Can´t Kill What´s Dead
Capital City Lights
Can’t Carry A Tune
Castles In The Air
Cattle Alarm
Cause And Effect
Change The World
Chicken Without Heads
Clubheim der Nation
Cock Brutality
Cold Angle
Cold Under The Colour
Cradle To Grave
Damn The Independence Day
Dance To The Bloody End
Dance To The Bloody End #2
Dangerous Clown
Dark Friday
Dark Matter Is All Around
Dark Skin
Das Affenhaus ist ein Elfenbeinturm
Das verzerrte Spiegelbild
Days Long Gone
Dead Ends
Dead Man’s Hand
Dead Set
Death Is An Only Son
Decision Time
Deep Reaction
Der Ahnenwechsel
Der letzte Mensch
Der Mann der 1000 Worte
Der Schlaf der Gerächten
Der Zeitgeist aus der Flasche
Die Schweigespirale
Die vorderste Neutralfront
Die zweite Geige
Discharged Soldiers On Parade
Disco Blues
Disco Train
Discord – Confession – Recovery
Disneyland Mon Amour
Do The Math
Dog With Two Tails
Don’t Let Me Die Here
Don’t Care About It
Don’t Trust Me
Don’t You Dare Ask Me
Down For The Count
Draußen in Berlin
Dream Small
Eclipse Of Reason
Elvis Wants To Rock
Emotional Level
Empty Time
End Of All
Endstation Warteschleife
Endtime Thoughts
Enough Wishes For A Day
Ernie’s Side Of Life
Es geht uns Mittel
Every Day For Itself
(Everybody Wants) A Place In The Sun
Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
Everything Crumbles Apart
Everything That Keeps You Alive
Evil Hippies Blues
Expectation Seeker
Exterior View
Face It
Face The Abyss, Do Nothing
Fake My Mind
False Paradise
Famous For The Wrong Things
Fan The Fire
Farewell Letter (I Am Dead As You Know)
Fast Money
Fast Food
Father´s Child
Favor For A Favor
Final Fate
Find Some Better Feeling
Find The Treasure Without A Map
Fishing For Compliments
Flashback Blues
Follow Me Around
Fooled By The People
Force Of Habit
Fotos von den Tagen
Freizeit der Andersdenkenden
From A Distance
From A Winner’s Point Of View
From Can To Can’t
From The Backseat
From The Inside
From Why To What For
Fun Fanatic Generator
Gamblin´ And Pretendin´
Gear Out!
Geld oder Leben
Gender Gap
Generation Asshole
Gentleman Adventure
German Attitude
Get Involved
Get Lost
Getaway Car
Gettin‘ Even
Ghosts Of The Past
God’s Gift To The World
Goin‘ Home
Going Off Into The Weeds
Going The Third Way
Gone Indian
Goodbye Dr. Fridge
Great To Live In The Apocalypse
Guilty Of Being Boring
Hands Off My Empire
Hands Open And Visible
Happy Being Sad
Happy Ending Culture
Happy On The Trigger
Happy To Feel
Hard To Get
Hat To Grow Old
Have A Little Faith In Me
Heaven Is Waiting
Hell’s Angelic
Here Comes Johnny
Heroin Chic Blues
Hey Freak
Hidden Talents
High-Tech And Low-Key
Home Travellin‘ Soldier
Hoping For Your Friends To Come
Howlin’ With The Wolves
Human Touch
I Don’t Believe
I Don’t Need To Paint My Face Black
I Was A Feeling From You (Not You)
I Went Out
I Would Vote For You
Ich weiß nicht mehr wie Beamen geht
I´d Rather Spent My Time Alone
I´ve Heard The News
If I Got A Friend…
If You Can’t Bill It, Kill It
In Cold Blood
In Denial
In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall
In My Hour Of Truth
In Opposition
In Our Time
In Prison In Your Head
In The Jungle
In The Movies
In The Prime Of Life
Into Thin Air
Instant Media Hero
Isuzu Trooper Safari
It All Comes Natural
It Goes On Forever
It Won’t Happen
It’s About People!
It’s Not The Life
It’s An Inside Job
Jack In A Box
Jeffrey Lewis Sings The Brooklyn Bound Blues
Join The Love Republic
Judgement Post
Just A Holiday Away
Just A Second
Just Another Pebble In My Shoe
Just Because
Just Words
Just-In-Time Living Blues
Keep On Keepin‘ On
Keep The World Outside
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Kid In A Candy Store
Kings And Snakes
Künstlicher Urlaub
Lachen und Nicken
Lange Zähne
Last Day Of The Universe
Last Moment In Freedom
Last Sinner In Town
Last Stop Of Line
Lazy Life
Leader´s Shepherd
Leaving Capital City
Legally Bound To
Lest We Forget
Let Freedom Ring
Let It Happen
Let The Heart Beat
Let The People Decide
Let Them Eat Vinyl
Let’s Get Personal
Let’s Play Hardball
Let Your Wisdom Die With You
Life Passed Me By
Lifetime Booze Hound And The 26 Ounce Flu
Lighthouse Reflector
Like Playing Dice With The Universe
Lines Of Emotions
Listening To Dead Air
Little Blue Girl
Little Dream
Livin‘ In A Nightmare
Livin‘ In A Crisis
Looking Back In Anger
Loose Change
Lost The Ground
Love Symbol Blues
Lovers And Madmen
Low Life
Low Lit Light
Lying Reality
Make It Through The Summer
Malfunction Technology Blues
Maneki Neko´s Waving
Max Dry
Meine eigene Zeit
Meine Wahrheit
Mexican Standoff
Mit geschlossenen Augen
Miyuzu Again
Most Likely Much Older Than Me
Mr. Small F Came Back To Town
Multiple Choice
My Adopted Home
My Awaked Life
My Bunch Of Loser Friends
My Dreams Stayed The Same
My Esteemed Colleagues
My Flat Is My Castle
My Foot In The Door
My Hour Zero
My Humble Heart
My Poor Old Wooden Heart
My Private Watergate
My Time Will Come
Mystic Café
Neverending Night
New Flat, New Game, Bad Luck
Nice Guys Finish Last
No Happy Ending Message
No Hard Feelings
No Hour Left Unhappy
No Strings Attached
Nobody’s Asking
Not Allowed To Do
Not For Me
Not In My Name
Not Much Left (Weak)
Not Over Money
(Nothing But) The Naked Truth
Nothing Left To Pray For
Now Is The Time
Nuff Said
Nursing Wounded Pride
Of Men And Marriages
Off With Yours
Old Habits Die Hard
Old Rebels
On The Second Leg
On Your Own
One Dream
One Man Show
One More Story Before 12
One Of Them
Ordinary Nightmare
Out Of Reach
Out Of The Past
Ozon Resistance
Palace Of Life
Party On, Wayne
Party On
Passed By
Passing The Buck
Pay For Shit
Peggy’s Lonesome Summer Day
People Sharing A Flat
Play It Again, Pac-Man
Playin‘ For Myself
Playin‘ The Devil
Populärer Irrtum
Pride In The Jungle
Prime Time Heat
Protest Trip
Quarter Life Crisis
Quick Fix
Rare Time Slot
Ready In 30 Minutes
Ready To Rumble
Ready To Sleep
Real World 2.0
Red Carpet Events
Red Eyed Strangers
Red Flag Danger
Red Moon
Red Wine Belt
Rejection Letters
Requiem For My Full Life
Reverse Economy
Rich Kids On LSD
Rise And Shine
Rock ´N´ Roll Reality
Rock Your Party
Rubber Sex Doll
Running Around In Circles
Sally Can Wait
Say It With Flowers
Schande meiner Welt
Schlag auf Schlag
Schöne neue Vielfalt
Schoolyard Allys
Schreibtischtäter Blues
Second Chance
Second Choice
Second Spring
Self Portrait
Shake A Leg
Shark Pool
She Killed Me
She Wears Her Lucky Rings
Ships Passing In The Night
Siberian Wind
Simple World
Singing My Song
Sittin‘ On Borrowed Time
Six Degrees Of Seperation
Sixties Protest Song
Slave To The Body
Slow Learner
Smiling Globally
Snatchin‘ And Grabbin‘
So Far Out
So, so Berlin
Social Worker Man
Somebody Else’s Thoughts
Some Kind Of Emptiness
Sorrow Bound
Sounds Promising
Speaking Through A Hat
Starting Fresh
State Of The Union Adress
Step Up A Gear
Stop Searching For Political Statements In Ordinary Things
Strike Out
Stuck Between A Line
Stumme Leuchtsirenen
Sunday Social
Suicide Mission
Summer Days
Surrogate Mother Of A Blackbox
T. I. N. A.
Take It Nice And Easy
Taking Chances
Terror Dudes (The Big Issue)
That’s How I Met Dr. Trash
That’s What They Call Fun
That’s Why I Hate The Sun
The Age Of Anti-Aging
The Assembly Line
The Ballad Of The Citizen Marie-Louise
The Base
The Best Man
The Boy With The Perry Rhodan Mag
The Bomb Is Under My Bed
The Dark Of The Universe
The Day The Future Died
The Decompression Of The Hidden Agenda
The End Of An Era
The Final Few
The First In Line
The Fisherman And The Pirate Squid
The Great Depression
The Great Puzzle
The Great Undertaker
The Highbrows
The Innocent Guilt
The Innocents Is Gone
The Jury Is Still Out
The Lady Is A Devil
The Last Day
The Last Supper Club
The Last Time Around
The Lowest Bum In Town
The Made Men And The Copy Kids
The Making Of A Band
The Naked Money Grab
The National Anthem
The Needle And The Sheep
The Race Goes On
The Real Messiah
The Same Procedure As Every Year
The Shape Of Things To Come
The Summer Will Come
The White Guy
The Worm Keeps On Diggin‘
The Year Of The Weasel
The Year They Want Their Money Back
There’s Always One Song Left
These Are The Dark Days
They Play Hard
Thinking Aloud
This Invisible Man
This Is A Goodbye
This Is The Real McCoy
This Story
This Year Is Over
Thrift Store Blues
Thumbing For A Ride
To Absent Friends
To Deal With This Stressin´ Fatigue
To Whom It May Concern
Today´s Talents Thinking For Tomorrow
Tomorrow Becomes Today
Too Blind To See Me
Too Far To Care
Too Hot To Handle
Too Many Songs
Too Much Of Everything
Total Unconfirmed Rumor
Train Of Thoughts
Traitor’s Blues
Transport Problems In Hyperspace
Trust Fund Kids
Trust In You
Turning In My Badge
Under The Influence
Under The Spell Of Looking Glass
Under The Weather
Unprofitable Servants
Up And Away
Up And Comers
Upgraded Ghetto
Viel Lärm um mich
Vintage Power
Vor die Hunde
Vote For Yourself
Wahnsinn und Lebensmut
Wahrheit oder Dichtung
Waiting For A Miracle
Waiting For A Plane
Waiting For You
Want To Stand Alone
War Of Talents
Warp 9 (Won´t Wait Any Longer)
Washington Afterlife
Wasser bleibt Wasser
We Want The Same As You
Weekend Special
Weekly Breakdown
Welcome To My Under-Table-Bar
Western Adventure
What Is Past Is Prologe
What´s The Time
When Angels Fly To Heaven
When Heroes Fall
When Life Doesn’t Mean A Thing
When Passion Dies
When Reality Strikes Again
When You Were Young
Which Way
White Collar Blues
Who Dares Wins
Wild Card Grand Slam
Wild Mood Swings
Willing To Lose
Wilt Flower
Windstärke 10
Winter Ends
Wishful Thinking
Wishing Well
With The Old Breed
Without Feathers You Can’t Fly
Won´t Change It Anymore
Woody & Wayne
Word Travels Fast
World Of Nothing
Would Inspector Sands Please Report
Wounded Bird
You Can’t Expect Help From Them
You Can’t Handle Your Freedom
You Don´t Know
You Gotta Be Mindless
You In Me
You Will Never Know
Your Choice
Your Level of Livin´
You’re The One That Got Away
Zu gut für diese Welt
Zuschauer erster Reihe
Zwischen den Stühlen


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